Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Family that Plays Together........

Millie Could no longer bear the sudden heat wave and decided to take a lay down and cool off in the shallows. 


Butter is always chasing the next carbs to enter the pond area.

Scuba Steve.....uh I mean Tanner

Nothing but icy pond joy

Fudgsicle beard

Again, Butter with the carbs, Don't worry it was just a couple drops of Nate's leftovers

Spring babies are one of the best parts of farming

She didn't get tossed in, Daddy was toying with her :)

Right before they polar plunged themselves. Brave soldiers, I salute you both

The kids created this awesome water slide last year and its stayed. 

We took the afternoon to enjoy the pond on the first day to hit the 80's this year in Oregon. It was beautiful out today and everyone enjoyed themselves after yesterday's long day in the fields working. Its important for us all to have balance and play hard after we work hard and besides.......Sunday.

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Ivy said...

You're back! :-)