Saturday, December 20, 2008

3 inches of Snow in Socal Say What?

Wednesday night
It downed part of our Lilac tree
Thursday morning after some melting had already started
Gorgeous snow
The backyard
The wash, the stream was frozen over
So pretty

Well there you have it. It rained for almost a week straight with huge, gloomy clouds and then in moved the snow Wednesday evening through Thursday morning. Its Saturday now and the snow still isn't completely melted off. Its been unseasonably cold, but so Christmassy. The weather is calling for more Snow Monday, Tuesday and Christmas day!! Can you imagine how awesome a white Christmas in SoCal would be? I am praying:0)

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Sankat said...

How much fun is that!!! We just got lots of rain (Phoenix, AZ). I LOVE the cool weather...we haven't even used our heater yet because we have so many people in such a small place..haha