Monday, December 22, 2008

Because I Can.....

The handsome boys!
The beautiful girls
I love Kenna's dress
Tanner and mama(23 weeks preggs), doesn't he look like me most of all the kiddos?

Everyone was dressed in their Christmas Church best and I couldn't help but take a plethora of pictures of them:0) I love seeing them dressed in their best with combed hair and clean faces.


Sankat said...

Very cute!!! Yes, he does look the most like you. So many of your kids look like your DH!! is the same in my family, so many of the kids look like my DH.
Your kids are beautiful!

Jeanie said...

Sweet! Well we are doing it...home school here we come! Pray for us if you think of us. I will have to email you and tell you all the books we got. I am nervous! Hubby has to teach the week they are supposed to go back, and I want him to come w/ me to sign them out. I just need to email you as I have 2 boys w/ IEP's and wondering if we will have to have special meeting for that??

Lizzie's Happy Crew said...

Hi Janis, I got your blog address off of the old LF baby center board. You have beautiful kids!
Do you have an e-mail address I can contact you with? I wanted to ask you a few questions.

lilpeasinmypodfrom~God said...

lizzie its natejanis at adelphia dot net

Amethystine said...

So sweet! I love dressing my little boys up in their suits for church--they look like such cute little men! Your children are absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful bouquet you have! Merry Christmas!