Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Perfect Tree

This is an outing we look forward to all year. Its rich with tradition for our family. We leave to get a "perfect tree" each year at the local tree farm while playing our favorite Christmas CD and singing along. When we get there, we make sure to walk lots and breathe in the fresh smell of pine and of course we are choosy. The more we walk, the greater the chance of getting a "perfect tree." When we get home, Daddy puts it in the stand while I start chocolate chips cookies in the oven. Once those are going, we start the Christmas music and decorate to the smell of freshly baking Chocolate chip cookies. After its all done, the next child in line gets to "top" the tree with the angel. This year was Kenna's first turn. We had so much fun and the tradition is something we all look forward to each year.

Enjoying the crisp pine air
So much fun
Standing in front of the "perfect tree"
There they are with the tag to our tree
A sleigh ride for kids at Greenspot tree farm
Daddy putting the lights on
Ohhh look at all those ornaments, full of so many memories
My little basketball man, so excited to hang his ball
Great job guys
And the grand finale.....cookies by the light and smell of the fresh Christmas tree
Oops an even grander finale....Kenna's first year topping the tree! (she was a wee bit scared to be lifted so high)


Happily Ever After said...

How fun! Our perfect tree comes out of the box that's stashed away in the garage. :) I think I'll have to take the kids to a tree farm so they can take in the smells of the season. Right now we are loving smelling the cinnamon pinecones everywhere! I love the memories that go along with all our ornaments too. I often get an ornament when we vacation and the kids get a new one each year (so they'll have a stash when they have their own family some day). I love Christmas and all the memories it brings both past and present. Your decorations are so cute! How fun and festive!

Sankat said...

That is so awesome that you guys have set up such a family fun tradition!! My DH would never go for it..haha. I LOVE the smell of pine too!