Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bye Bye TV

We cancelled our dish mid November. It was a tad difficult for all of us at first. Nate and I aren't big TV heads by any stretch of the imagination, but we found we did like it to unwind at night after the kids were in bed. The kids were another story. The reasons we got rid of the dish include:
  1. Kids were addicted and would watch it 3-4 hours a day if we let them and when we didn't, they threw tantrums.
  2. $$$, Nate's pay cut meant we wanted to weed out unnecessary stuff from our lives. TV made the cut
  3. Kids were not able to be creative when it was turned off because they were dependant on it for entertainment.

The things we found out from having it gone over a month are:

  1. We go literally DAYS without the TV running at all now(channels 2,3,4,5,7,9,11 and 13 are BORING) less electricity going means lower bills all around:0)
  2. The kids are reading, playing mind boggling games and learning at a really rapid rate that otherwise wasn't happening.
  3. The kids are way more creative, inventive and fight 10X less.
  4. Nate and I's marriage has benefited in several areas ie; intimacy(not watching TV at night) and our own reading has benefited, which benefits the kids because they see it as completely normal for adults to sit around reading on a rainy day instead of watching TV.
  5. An unexpected surprise: our house is actually CLEANER because the kids aren't as lazy and seem to be cleaning up after themselves more??? Never would have guessed this one.

My disclaimer is that we do still have a TV and have no intentions to get rid of it, but we have no dish and the kids don't watch basic channels so the only TV time that really happens is the occasional movie, which has become a rainy day or maybe once a week treat. We actually watched A Christmas Carol the other day to wrap up our reading since we read the book this month for Christmas and the kids really enjoyed seeing the movie after reading the book, but it was such a treat that they all sat perfectly intent and watched it(where normally a book/movie, I would have to try to keep them still to watch it because they were too used to watching Spongebob all day). Its been a great thing for our family though and I don't foresee us restarting dish.


MissouriMormonMama said...

That is awesome. I think our contract with Dish just expired, and we've been meaning to get rid of it. We will miss Food Network and PBS- there is NO local reception where we live, but I think everyone would benefit. Thanks for sharing. You've inspired me.

A blog stalker (but I promise, I am not scary)

Amy S. said...

That's awesome! I love hearing stuff like that. We have experienced the same thing ourselves lately, as we moved out of the country and we have no tv here. So aside from some news podcasts for us adults, and Sesame Street podcasts for the kids, we are tv-free. I love hearing what it has done for your family to watch less. Thanks for sharing!

Mary Ellen said...

We don't have cable and I love it! Sounds great!

Sankat said...

That is so great!! I am happy it is going so well for your family! I WISH I could get rid of cable TV, but DH is so aganst it!!
BTW, i hate spongebob and won't let my kids watch it..horrible pointless show!

Anonymous said...

we got rid of our tv a couple of months ago. Completely gone in our case. We watch the occasional movie on the computer, but nothing like it was before (more than 3-4 hours a day!)
We've had all the same bennies you have at your's been wonderful!!

Michelle said...

Janis, thank you so much for posting this. Our Dish contract is up in a few weeks and due to our budget it really would be very wise for us to cancel it, but I am so hesitant because I am addicted to TV. Your post has really helped me realize that maybe it's not the end of the world, although I'm sure I will go through some withdraw for a few days.

Devon said...

I would LOVE to get rid of ours but I seriously think my husband would dissolve or implode or something...he is such a TV head. Congrats and good job!

lara said...

We had a very similar experience. We have been without any tv for several months and we don't miss it. We do watch movies but no more cable. It's amazing how much more closer we are as family. We read together and play games now. Good job.

Mom to Princesses said...

I wish I had your willpower. I want so badly to get rid of our cable, but I just can't do it. I'll admit - I'm addicted. Want to come over and do it for me???

I know it would save a ton of money and I know that my girls are way too adicted to it. That is so sad to me as they are three and 18 months.

Maybe I'll find the strengh to follow your lead.
Vicci (2_princesses)

Christina said...

I think that is a great thing to do. We got rid of our Direct TV at the end of October and it saves money our our house is more peaceful. DH and I do have shows we still watch through once and a while because it is free and they keep them all on line so if there is a rainy day and we want to catch up we can and it is free. The kids dont miss the TV as much as I thought they would.