Thursday, May 14, 2009

Been Busy-pic overload

Tanner admiring Maddy at 5 weeks old
a month ago, Kayla and I leaving to see Hannah Montana...girls day!

Madelynn 7 weeks happy
Everett and Kenna
Wyatt and Kenna
Kenna waiting to go for a bike ride(her favorite!
me holding Maddy and Lexi
Madelynn 6.5 weeks
The boys taught Kenna to boogie board down the creek haha
Nate and I at the creek
Right after they finished peircing her ears

Sorry for the lack of updates. Life with 6 kids is definitely busy. I had a bad run with mastitis that ended up so bad I had to be on IV meds. I am recovered from that, but working harder than ever to drop more weight. I am stuck at 128 and I refuse to weigh that so last Saturday, I took measurements and upped my work outs making cardio 6 days a week instead of 3 day a week and weights and 3 days a week. Cardio is now 1.5 hours a day instead of 30 minutes. I am seeing improvement, but the scale is barely budging so I got a food diary and I now write down every bite that goes into my mouth in an effort to loose the weight. I have only lost a few ounces as of now lol so I just have to keep pluggin along to get the weight off. I am okay at 128, sure, but I have some vanity pounds I would like off. On an more interesting note, we got Madelynn's ears pierced may 8th and they are just gorgeous. I love them. She is smiling so much now and even starting to giggle and coos quite a bit at me. She is super alert and sleeps maybe 4 hours during the day time now....not much for a 7 week old. Kenna is still nursing lots, but I did get her to nightwean finally at almost 20 months old! YAY. She is now in her own bed and in Kayla's room. She is doing great, started on Mothers day and has slept in there fine ever since. This past week was psycho though because all the kids got the stomach virus and then a sore throat virus so the house was sanitized today now that almost everyone is better. Poor Kenna is still pretty sick though. We have just been busy transitioning back into our regular life with old friends since leaving church and not being pregnant. It feels nice to get out with friends and have a few drinks here and there. I also enjoy a glass of wine in the evenings (4oz red wine) for health benefits. I feel super balanced right now. The kids are thriving well and growing fast. The weather is beautiful and we have been doing tons of bike riding(great cardio with 2 kids in the bike trailer hehe) so for now, life is good. Oh, and how could I forget, my sister had her baby May 2nd, Lexi Jade weighed 7lbs 5 ounces and is doing sister had an all natural childbirth and is nursing her little sweetie.


Sankat said...

It sure does look like you have been busy! I can't believe how fast the last 2 months have gone by, Maddy is getting so big! Congrats to your sister.

Haley said...

What a busy lady you have been. Good for you on all that exercise, that is not an easy task with small babies. Maddy is sure growing fast, what a doll. I got Ellie's ears done early too, I think it's adorable. Great photos, all your children look so happy and cute. Well done!

Take care,

Happily Ever After said...

Awww, what cute pics. Your little one is getting so big already. It's so crazy how fast they grow! Adorable!