Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We Got a..............

5 minutes after we got Speckles home
She's a big girl! I love her
My baby
I haven't been this happy in so long, other than my kid's births probably!

So yeah, I am completely head over heals for this baby

NEW HORSE! OMGosh, I am so excited!!!! It all happened so fast. We are keeping her at our new place even though we can't move in for a bit. We are just taking care of her over there until our move in since its only 1 mile away. This past Saturday night, my mom called asking if I wanted her. My Aunt had a neighbor who is struggling with lung cancer and is on his second go round with chemo treatments and he is too weak to care for his animals at this point so we were offered Speckles(our new Appaloosa Mare) for free. We jumped on it and we went yesterday and bought all kinds of tack and gear and grooming supplies. Now, my mom has offered us one of her horses as well because she has too many and isn't riding enough to keep them so we are getting and Appaloosa Gelding named Spencer from her tomorrow. We are super excited. I jumped on Speckles bareback within 2 minutes of getting her home and she did perfect. I went over today and washed her, groomed her, braided her tail, rode her bareback all over including loping her for a while, and she is just perfect. She is slightly spirited so not a kid's horse, but she is perfect for me. It was meant to be. Now we will see how Spencer does tomorrow when we get him over there. We will be looking for a pony shortly for the kids too. Its been 7 years since I had to sell our horses so its really nice to finally get horses again since I thought I may never get to.


Happily Ever After said...

How fun! My mom has a pony at her place, they kids love to ride him! Happy trails!

Sankat said...

How fun!! I hope the kids have fun learning about horses. What a great unschooling experience too!

BTW, good luck with the move.

Krystin said...

I think that is awesome! i always wanted a horse, but cannot imagine moving away from the OC so, unless I win the lotto I am prob not going to get one! It's great that you guys were able to take them. Have Fun!!

smalltowngirl said...

Wow! All I can think of is where will you find the time for a horse? :) I have 2 and can't find the time to ride and I only have 2 kids!
Good luck and have fun. She's a beauty!