Saturday, May 30, 2009

My babies!

All the kiddos at the new house, sitting on the hay
My beautiful little Kenna the cowgirl (20 months)
Kenna (20 months)
Maddy and her little grin (2 months)
I have never had a baby with blue eyes, they all came out brownish. I can't beleive how blue they are because she has a very dark complection
Things are really coming along at the new house, we have our horses over there, we just got them all dewormed and the shoer and dentist are coming out tomorrow morning to do their feet and teeth. The kids love having horses and I am absolutely loving it too! As far as the actual house goes, the addition is almost completly done now, the new windows are all in and we will start busting out the bathroom next.


Sankat said...

That is great you guys are settling in. is it much bigger than your last place?
Those are beautiful eyes!

Julie said...

Hey, how about pictures of your new house? All the sun, it is making me quite envious. We had snow, again, today.

Your kids look quite happy with their new house. Do you have a lot of land? It must be nice for them to run around. I know my kids enjoy going into the forest or the fields, exploring, running around, *building* cabins, lol.

Take care,