Thursday, June 1, 2017

3 Month Plum Bump

Although I had a good week, I am back to feeling crummy whilst 3 months pregnant with my little plummy :) I think I have dealt with the nausea far better this time having had a 5 year break between pregnancies..........and maybe just being older and knowing how short and precious these times in my life are. I know this is fleeting and in time will be a blink in my history. I can't remember a time I was so excited to get a baby bump, for the realness of this little life to be exposed. I look forward to those little movements within me that I never thought I would get to experience again. In so many ways I am still so humbled to even be expecting again after a vasectomy, a reversal we were told failed and a lot of tears. Although I felt so shattered at the time, it paved way for so much appreciation and joy now. 

Our appointment today brought up discussion of past history and future plans for how this pregnancy will safely be handled since I am considered high risk because of the SVT. Dr. S said he plans to follow a similar protocol as Dr. T did with my last 4 pregnancies. He mentioned steroids around 34 weeks and delivery around 36 weeks if I can make it. I am determined to make that goal for the sake the baby's lungs. I want to be sure she/he has the best chance to skip past the NICU.  For the nearer future, we go June 6th to get our NT testing done and will hopefully learn the gender of our little plum. 

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