Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Baby Finnley Breaks the Tie!

We found out today that our next addition looks to be not only very healthy, but a sweet baby boy. So exciting being 3 of the last 4 kiddos have been girls and Jaxxon is really wanting a baby brother. The name Finnley was one I had high on my list of boy names I loved, but I was stunned when I listed names off to Nate and he immediately said, "Oh Finnley, yea I like that one." Could it be this easy? Now to come up with a middle name. I like Finnley Oliver or Finnley Harrison, time will tell. We are tossing ideas around. For now we know he looks healthy and happy and is a very active little guy. I started feeling movement during the late 12th week of pregnancy which is one of my earliest. I am not feeling actual kicks yet, but I feel him rolling around quite a bit. It was an exciting day with lots of happy siblings. 

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Lsp 1369 said...

Finnley Scott, Finnley Jacob, Finnley Steven