Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Enchanted Forest

My little buddy and I had a nice well jog after my group of Kindergarteners I was chaperoning at the Enchanted Forest in Turner, Oregon. This foresty amusement park was created around all the fairy tales of our childhood. It features Alice in Wonderland rabbit holes and mazes, the home of the 3 bears, Humpty Dumpty and so many more. There are lots of sights and nice trails to hike up and down. My group was wild and crazy. This whole trip was an interesting eye opener to the reality of school socialization. I will be grateful to get back to homeschool this fall. I wish we could have this past year, but running the farm over took us and challenged us in ways that compromised our values in order to try to get it all done. A new business is like a newborn baby and requires so much from you, if you aren't careful, it drains the whole family. We survived this trip about as well as we survived the school year. We are exhausted.

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