Sunday, June 11, 2017

Fixing Old and Creating New

This was a fairly new top I bought for Madelynn for summer. Sadly, it got one wear before going falling victim to the recently broken lint trap in the dryer. It claimed a good amount of clothing before we realized what happened. The good news is that I had some pretty ribbon laying around and found a cute, creative solution to make sure her new top could be worn the summer through. 

I got to sewing yesterday and made the Mama Bag from Handmade Home. This sparked serious interested with the younger girls. They sat and watched for hours with bright eyes, patiently asking if I could teach them next. Once I was done, they asked for me to help them make some barbie clothes. Kenna made this beautiful, creative barbie dress all on her own with me just guiding. She is a natural little seamstress. We ran out of time(but not daylight) as 8pm came and went so Madelynn's turn will come another day soon. After getting home from Farmer's market, this was a great way to unwind........creating, teaching, enjoying with the girls. I think Nate and the boys went off for a nature walk to find the perfect spot to hang our big swing that Santa brought this past winter. 

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