Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Little Plum Eater

Yummy Mommy, thanks!

This baby LOVES plums! I am sure it helps that they are homegrown, organic plums straight from our tree:0) She has been eating these things for weeks now and she is a professional at it. It amazes me that she bites into them like I would and even loves the sourish skins. She is my cloth diapered, mostly organic fed/washed/etc, breastfeeding cutie. It just doesnt get better than a plum faced baby smiling!


The Mommy said...

Janis she is SO STINKIN' CUTE!! I can't believe how big she's gotten.

Kate said...

She is adorable! Those pics are priceless.

Sankat said...

That is wonderful that she loves them so much!! They are great for her!

Janice said...


That is absolutely adorable! My baby girl (who is not a baby anymore at 18) was cloth diapered as well. I never did understand what all the fuss was about to use cloth. To me, it was equally as easy. Good for you for being enviromentally friendly. Wish there were more like us.

Janice in Virginia

Anonymous said...

She is sure a beauty just like her mom and sister! I wish Jack would eat fresh fruit. We have tried everything and he just gags before it even touches his lips or pushes it out with his tongue. He seems to hate both sour and ripe equally. It is so sad because my husband and I love fresh fruit so much.

Julie5cwzam said...

She is so cute.

I cannot believe our babies will soon be 1yo!!!