Wednesday, August 13, 2008

HCG updates and other early pregnancy stuff

First draw was last Thursday, August 7,08(10dpo). It was a qualitative, which means yes or no. Under 5 is neg and over 25 is positive. Mine came back inconclusive(which mean levels were between 6-24) but my nurse said, it was almost positive and to have a redraw. I will guess my levels were about 20. I then had a redraw Monday, the morning of August 11th, 2008(14dpo) the results came back at 221!!!! Doubling time was only 27.7 hours, BEAUTIFUL! I will be having more hcg drawn tomorrow, but for now I am completely relaxed because all my good store brand tests are maxed out and darker than the control lines. My cheapy tests are allllllmost maxed out this am so I know my hcg is really shooting up. My cheapies maxed out at 18dpo with Kenna and I am only 16dpo today so I feel good and I know so far that things are doing really well. Okay 3rd draw, at 17 dpo, came back at 986, doubling time was 33.4 hours so it slowed a tad from the first draw and I have a VERY busy weekend in high altitude and now I am freaked out and hoping I didnt hurt anything.

Now for Progesterone, I started 25mg 2X per day at 3dpo and then at 10 dpo my temps just werent impressive, hovering around 98.3, just a few tenths lower than I would have liked so I went ahead and bumped my dose to 50mg 2X per day. My temps shot up and held strong, but the last few mornings they seemed to maybe be trying to slough just a slight bit(although its been chilly here at night lately cause fall is on the way soon) so the dr just said, lets be safe and bump you to 75mg 2X per day so that is where we are right now with that and hopefully all goes well and we stay on the P supps til 12 weeks and wean off and have a healthy pregnancy.

As for nursing, we are still nursing strong. Kenna gets 1 bottle of juice in the morning(she always has since 6 months to keep her going to the bathroom) and 1 4oz bottle of formula in the evening to make sure shes getting enough iron, dha, etc and enough calories because my boobs are really quite empty and she bites me furiously in the evening time as if to tell me there isnt enough. I plan to nurse this whole pregnancy through and tandem nurse. She also eats 2-3 small meals each day and little baby snacks and things, but she still nurses about 5-6 X per day and 2-4 X per night so we are still nursing a ton.


Christina said...

Congrats! Maybe Kenna will get a lil sister! Are you and your husband hoping for a boy, a girl or BOTH;)

Sankat said...

That really is wonderful that things are looking up! I hope everything keeps going this well!!!

Cyndi said...

Aww, I was hoping we could be prego at the same time, but I won't be trying until after October, so I guess it's not fair to make you wait! Congrats and have fun barfing without me! -Goofy Cyndi