Monday, August 11, 2008

So yeah, I'm announcing it again PREGNANT!

BFP 9dpo(I tested + @ 8dpo this time though)
BFP 10dpo
BFP 11dpo, my test line is as dark as the control line on FRER

3rd times a charm I hope! It was with Kenna:) We started more progesterone and earlier this month and I think it did the trick. My due date is April 21st so we should have a late March sweetie. I am seriously so excited. We were going to wait to share the news, but alas, I know many people will be wanting to go out drinking and whatnot and wonder why I am sipping water(not beer) and puking lol
Update, so now people think I am faking this pregnancy as well because when you click the photo is says July08 at the top....umm I was too lazy to make a new Aug08 folder, SUE me lol. Gimme a damn break


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Christina said...

Congrats! I hope you have a happy and healthy nine months! I pray that this baby is a sticky bean. Is your doc going to test the infamous HCG levels or are you just let it go and relax?

Christina said...

You dont have to make this one pubic but dont the people who are saying this is a fake pregnancy know about file names and blogs? I posted an ultrasound pics on my blog in a folder called "2" and when I click on my pictures it says "2" and if you saved them in an older folder that is exactly what it is going to say because that is the way the comptuer lables the pics. Dont let them steal your joy. Heres my blog and it does the same thing as yours on photos.