Friday, November 14, 2008

Madelynn's birthday!

I had a cardiology apt last Friday and OB this Friday. Cardiology said it looks like the heart issue is SVT to him, but in either case with the problem already starting again, he wanted me to plan another early delivery because these issues tend to get very difficult towards the end of the pregnancy as they did with Kenna. He also talked about doing the ablation after delivery which would be great as my last cardiologist ended up deciding not to do it and I have come to regret that. Anyhow, I am already on L and D's schedule for March 26th 2009! I can't believe I have the date already. I will be 36 weeks and 5 days so a tad further along than I was with Kenna. I am praying she will be healthy and all will go well. I will be getting a steriod shot at 34 weeks exactly for her lungs as an extra precautionary which makes me feel so much more at ease to deliver early. My dr is awesome! This will make for 2 sweeties in Septermber, 2 in January and 2 in March. I think its pretty neat that all the kids have a birthday buddy so far:0) I wonder what our next baby's birthday month will be?


Jeanie said...

That is funny. We have 2 May, 2 Dec, 1 July : )

Sankat said...

That is neat that you already know the date...It seems like you just found out you were me at least, I am sure the time isn't flying by for you.
And how fun that everyone will have a bday buddy!!! We just need another May bday for everyone to have a bday buddy...DH and I even are bday buddies!

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