Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The New Kitchen Table

SO EXCITED to help Daddy
Tanner really got in there and worked
Everett, Wyatt and Kayla all helped some too
Almost together now
WALA! Final product! The pic makes it look small, but notice its almost touching both walls on either side of the dining room, its good sized

This one should last. We bought it raw and Nate stained it all to match our kitchen cabinets and then had the kids help him in putting it together. We got a great deal on it since it wasnt yet stained also. It seats us all nicely and we could even squeeze 3-4 more in if need be so that is awesome. I love the benches cause you aren't confined to a certain number. I think it turned out very beautiful. We have definately moved more towards french country in our home and this suits it well I think! But even better than style, this baby is built to last.


Jenni said...

I think your new kitchen table is way nice. Yay for new furniture!

Jeanie said...

We will be getting new when we move to seat 8-10 I think. Right now my lil guy is in his highchair so enough seats for the rest, but he likes sitting in the cooshie booster(that is his older brothers)
Eating w/ a fork and all now : ( I want another baby soon...

Sandra said...

Where did you order your new table? How many does it sit? My email is families_2001@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

I love your table, where did you get it?