Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Years!

I wanted to say that my goals this year are

  • Going to the Temple and being sealed
  • Reading through my Bible OT and NT using this plan. I started today
  • Getting at least 10,000 in savings by years end
  • Getting a new mattress for my bed because ours is 8 years old and was very cheap and its killing our backs
  • Replacing couches/end tables via cheap stuff from craiglist because our couches have a hole and are just nasty from drool/kid accidents during naps/etc. Not to mention even when clean, the fabric is beat up and worn down.
  • Replacing the boys' beds for a bunk bed with trundle as they take up literally the space of just one bed
  • Getting Kayla and Kenna a bunk bed so that Kenna can move out of our bed sometime this year hopefully
  • Moving out and getting settled into a new place.
  • Keeping our food bill less than 500 a month
  • NOT swearing! (yes, *blushes* I sometimes do this and need to quit it)
  • Being outdoors much more myself as well as the kids(they are already outside about 4 hours a day in decent to good weather, but I think we could increase it by homeschooling outdoors more often). I want to do this because being outdoors serves so many purposes. It is healthier air than indoors, the sunshine repels depression and anxiety, when outdoors you are generally much more active and mostly, it keeps everyone off the computer.

I will update every few months to see what goals I have accomplished and what is still waiting to be done.


Jenny/Moravia said...

That's pretty cool on the strait through plan. Did you know that if you read 7 pages a day you can read the Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price in 1 year? I keep trying but I always get hung up in the OT.

Sankat said...

Those are some great goals!!! Best of luck with them!!

Amanda said...

Sounds like a great list! We have a list ourselves but it's all in our heads.. we should write it all down too.

I like your new blog look too. :)