Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Wyatt!

Kenna riding Bob's tractor
fun stuff
game time
Me getting Kenna out of the ride
riding the roller coaster
Nana made this awesome cake, but it started falling before arriving at Chuck E Cheese so she laughed and said that it needed pumped up haha.
A basketball hoop for his room from grandpa
My little Wyatt at age 2
I think he was about 20 months here(see his little Gtube button on his belly!)
Here are the boys this weekend celebrating Wyatt's birthday at Chuck E Cheeses(my camera died after this so I am waiting for the rest of the pics from my father in law)

Opening a few gifts from the family! He got a new basketball outfit, Highschool Musical notebook and pencil set, and a cool professional water bottle the squirts sideways in the basketball players mouths!

My sweet Wyatt is 7 years old today. Its so amazing to watch Wyatt's journey as he grows. He has outgrown and surpassed everything that Drs predicted upon his arrival into this world. I had faith that he would and he has and is everyday. He is a miracle....a walking, talking, eating, breathing, reading, writing, upbeat, compassionate, empathetic, beautiful miracle boy. I am so grateful that my Father in Heaven entrusted him to be part of our family. Happy 7th birthday Wyattman!


Sankat said...

Happy bday Wyatt!
Chuck-e-cheese is soo much fun! My kids love that camara thing you can dance in front of too.
Oh, does he like High School Musical?

Veronica said...

Do our babies share a b-day?? Hailey's 3rd b-day is the 19th too. How cool is that?! BTW, I'll be updating my PPD story again soon. Life never slows down though, ya know??!!

Sarah said...

Happy bday, Wyatt! My oldest just turned 7. And happy bday to you, too. I just turned 28, and I'm about to hit that 3rd tri, too - maybe I should go get my hair done, too... :)

Mandy aka Mandaroo said...

Thanks for the follow. I headed over to your other blog, then here. Great snow pics, we went this past weekend to the snow, I'll be posting soon. Happy Bday to your Wyatt! Hope he had a great day!