Friday, January 16, 2009

Just Sharing a Family Hobby

Even Kenna enjoys a good game of Tennis
Kayla and Everett
Nate and Kenna

Okay, let's be honest...I wanted to share one of our family hobbies, but I also wanted to brag about our beautiful weather we are having in CA! Hehe, its been in the upper 70's for almost 2 weeks now in the "dead of winter." You just can't beat it!


Sankat said...

You guys sure are an active family!! We have wonderful weather here too!! Highs in the 70s this week...woot! It is suppose to be in the 60s next week though

Haley said...

Here in B.C. Canada it's only 39.2, I am so so very jeleous! We still have snow hanging around. :(
Your family always seems to be having so much fun, good for you guys!

I liked the post on cheese too. :)