Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ice Fishing

We went to our favorite lake today and spent the afternoon ice fishing. It was so neat to see the lake completely frozen over. First thing, Sandy(our dog) jumps straight onto the ice and falls through. Nate just about had to jump in after her, but luckily she got close enough to the dock that he grabbed her and pulled her up. After that, Nate took a big stick and jabbed another hole in the ice for the fishing line to go in. It was very educational for me because I have never been when Nate has taken the kids in the past. Oh and the best part, we actually caught fish even after the dog scared them......too bad Nate didnt bring a net and 2 of them snapped off before they reached the dock. Oh well, it was still a great adventure.

There is something so serene about a frozen lake
The waters edge and the water all just come together all smooth and snowy
Tanner with a fishy


三丰 said...

That it is not cold I AM COME FROM CHINA glad to know yo

三丰 said...

glad to know yo