Sunday, January 11, 2009

Green Eggs and Ham

Kayla, my little farmer girl, went out for her daily chicken check and she came flying in the house in excitement. The last of our chickens has finally begun to lay eggs and Jeepie is a special kinda chicken cause she lays GREEN eggs! The kids were all really tickled to see this egg. We officially have 3 laying hens now, but we will be getting many more as well a horse, come spring when we move into our new home on an acre. Can I just say that raising chickens from baby chicks all the way to laying hens has been one of the most awesome experiences for our rocks!


Anonymous said...

When did you guys decide to move? Are you selling and buying a new place with land? Just curious...:)

Sankat said...

wow!! that is super strange! Are they ok to eat?
How wonderful to have so much room to run around!

Sadie said...

We have one that lays blue....she was a newer addition to our flock and boy where they excited when she finally started to lay!