Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Doin Better

Maybe that night out with Nate was what I really needed. I came home feeling refreshed and ready to tackle laundry and dishes with a renewal of my spirits. I have worked hard on my attitude and being cognicant of the way I act and trying not to self loathe. We are officially on homeschool break also which is helping me as well. We will start back the first week of January. I think Nate actually seeing how overwhelmed I was has been good because he has been really stepping up and helping with things to ease my burden. We are having our Christmas eve today and Christmas tomorrow morning, which is super exciting. We decided to do it early because Nate has to work on the actual holiday. This afternoon will be filled with yummy smells of cooking, unwrapping of the famous Christmas eve Pjs and too much candy! Tomorrow will be filled with lil feet pitter pattering up and down the stairs to see what goodies they have waiting for them. Its going to be a great couple of days and I look forward to it all, but I also look forward to taking decorations down as they start feeling cluttery after so long and just getting our home back to normal. It will be nice to snuggle up and homeschool on the couches in a clean, uncluttererd house with all the holiday stresses behind us. Now its time to pay off that credit card from all the Christmas costs!


Momma Bunny said...

Janis- just thought this woman sounded like you in a way with a new baby and homeschool and all. Maybe her advice could help?? Just a thought.


Cindy said...

we are doing Christmas eve tonight too! We are going out of town, and so Christmas morning will be tomorrow for us as well.

gretchen said...

Hi Janis,
I just popped in to tell you to keep you chin up:) I was happy and so surprised to see someone recommend my blog! How sweet!

Enjoy your bountiful blessings and don't be too hard on yourself. Have a blessed Christmas with your family.