Friday, December 17, 2010

Health Update Week 6......added before/after shots


Wow I actually measured my height today since I havent measured it in years and I am 5' 5.5"  woohoo I grew a lil taller lol

Weight: 127 lbs (-6lbs)

Waist: 27.75" (-2.75 inches, and lemme tell you it looks dramatic)

Hips: 37.75" (-1 ")

Bust: 37""(same)

Arm: 10.25"(-.25 woot woot)

Thigh: 21" (-1")

BMI: starting was 22.1, it is now 20.8 (I don't put much stock in BMI by the way, its too general.

6lbs and 5 inches total lost in 5 weeks!!! I am really happy with this

WHR: Waist(27.75) divided by Hips(37.75) = 0.787096774 TODAYS: 0.735099338 YAY I am movin on down! My goal still remains to get as close as possible to .70

I FINALLY have the IDEAL 10 inch difference between hips and waist!
Waist to Height Ratio is ideally less than .50. Mine wass: 0.46 bleh TODAYS:  0.423664122
 My goal here still remains to get as close to .40 as possible

Okay so I have to be really honest here, I cannot beleive I lost anything this week. I blew it a lot. My calories sucked many days. I only worked out Thurs-sun last week and starting Monday I came down with the flu(nope not the stomache flu) and I have been hackin my lungs up and burning up with fever since monday. I am feeling a tad better today thankfully. I am updating a day early because Nate and I are going overnight away from the kids(except baby, he comes with us) for his work Christmas party and then staying in a resort:) tonight. I do plan to diary today and tomorrow even with us going away because its good to see how many calories I take in regardless if its too many.

12/11 Sat- 1580
12/12 Sun- 1560
12/13 Mon- 2085
12/14 Tues- 2528 (Verrry sick and burning up with fever AND ate too many Sees candies lol)
12/15 Wed- 2445 (same issue as the day before)
12/16 Thurs- 1730

BEFORE 138lbs big belly

Yesterday 12/17    127 lbs

Side view

Up close...nearly 3 inches off a tummy makes a huge difference

Average calories this week was 1988. Better than last week and fortunately I seem to be able to lose 1 lbs a week easily whilst eating around 2000 calories a day! Well off to pack and get ready for our overnighter:) You can bet my calories wont be too great today and tomorrow OH well I plan to fully enjoy our time away!!


Anonymous said...

GO Janis! I am so proud of you :) It feels great to accomplish our goals, I am still working hard to reach mine, 4 pounds to go, wooooooot! Post some before and after shots, you always help me stay motivated :)

Tufford Family said...

great job...I am glad you are keeping your calories up...

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Your tummy is all gone, you look amazing :)

lilpeasinmypodfromgod said...

Kaitlyn thank you! I feel so much better/lighter

spencer said...

Generally it takes 6 weeks for a uterus to shrink back to pre pregnancy size, so it makes sense that you are back to your normal size. Relax and enjoy your baby!

lilpeasinmypodfromgod said...

Spencer thanks but I am not obsessed. I chart my progress on this blog 1x a week and if you do not like it, please simply skip it:) have a nice day

Tuchus Contagiosum said...

You look incredible!! I wish I had half your willpower, instead it looks like I ate you for breakfast. Congrats on your weight-loss success!

lilpeasinmypodfromgod said...

Tuchus lol your comment made me almost pee myself.....but seriously I am CERTAIN you dont look like you swallowed me! :)

My Life With Boys said... my measurements are 30.5" 26.5" and 37". Makes me sick that we almost have the same measurements...EXCEPT our bust (I am 5'6")! Boooo! I was never blessed in that area. =( Be thankful for what God has given you...because he must have forgotten about some of us. ;-) Anyway congrats and please fill me in on what you are eating. I think your calorie intake is good (for being a nursing mom) but I am afraid I would be much larger than you if I took in that many calories on a daily basis. I vary between 800-1700ish a day. Of course, I am not nursing right now though. What's your secret?

lilpeasinmypodfromgod said...

My life with boys, I think nursing may actually be my secret lol! I have no other reason why its coming off while still eating 2000 calories a day. I also work out doing SHRED and Biggest Loser DVDs 4 days a week. Oh and I was NOT blessed in the bust......I paid for those, darn good $ hehe