Sunday, December 26, 2010

Health Update Mini

 Front view of goal #2 met~ 125lbs

Back view of 125 lbs(sorry pulled up tankini to show lower back so its kinda twisted lol)

I reached my second goal!!! My first goal was 130 and my second was 125. I hit 125 lbs today. I am quite happy and proud of myself. My next goal is to maybe tone up some more and drop 5 more lbs, but we will see! I am not neurotic about it anymore and it I get there I do, but I am seriously proud to rock this body as a mama of 7!!


schomeschoolmom said...

I just found your blog. I homeschool here in SoCal as well. I must say you look amazing--it is hard to believe you have 7 children. It took me 9 years to lose the last of my baby weight. I finally did it over the past year. I wish more people would treat their body well, as we would see a reduction in obesity related diseases. From a christian perspective we are to treat our bodies like temples--and this includes eating well and moving our bodies. What an accomplishment. I went from a size 12 to a 0 and often reflect on how I let myself get and stay that way so bounce back fast :)

lilpeasinmypodfromgod said...

Thank you and I couldnt agree more. If you don't mind, what did you do to lose the weight? Mine is coming off very slowly. I def dont want to get to a size 0 as I feel that is too small for my frame, but a 3 would be great! I am currently a loose 5

schomeschoolmom said...

I suffer from asthma and this was a big reason I lost weight as well as lifestyle changes. I became a vegetarian and radically cut back on sweets. I also walk a lot. I used to live in the mountains as well. I had a good walking route that included some incline. It is harder walking down hill with so much air pollution...but I still get myself moving (unless I have a bad asthma day). Yes, size 0 is not for all frames and it is definitely my stopping point. I am 5'6" 115 currently. I have been maintaining this well. My frame is very small. My weight loss actually took over a year and was never really a diet. You look great at this weight. If you want to lose a few more pounds maybe try veg with low sodium and cut back on the sweets.

lilpeasinmypodfromgod said...

Thank you for the pointers! I couldn't do veg but def could stand to cut back on sweets and sodium esp during these holidays oy! lol