Saturday, December 4, 2010

Weekly Health Update 4:)

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 130lbs (-3lbs)

Waist: 28.75" (-1.75 inches OH YEA)

Hips: 38.25" (-.5 ")

Bust: 37"(+.5 milk is full haha)

Arm: 10.5"(same)

Thigh: 21.5" (-.5")

WHR: Waist(28.75) divided by Hips(38.25) = 0.787096774 TODAYS:  0.751633987 this is excellent! My goal still remains to get as close as possible to .70

Getting VERY close to having the IDEAL 10 inch difference between hips and waist! Mine is 9.5 inch difference right now and I am very proud.
Waist to Height Ratio is ideally less than .50. Mine is: 0.46 bleh


Everything is moving down!! My goal here still remains to get as close to .40 as possible

Okay, so I want to be very honest about my eating. I am keeping a detailed food diary and despite having not done too well with eating, inches are still coming off and I still lost another .5 lbs so I am really happy with that. My body is very sculpted and tone right now. Its getting a lil better each week, but more importantly I feel better. I have been VERY good with my activity levels as far as shopping, decorating, cleaning, walking with my neighbor, walking all day Wednesday at Knotts, and working my abs out like crazy along with the SHRED dvds. Yes I attribute my losses this week to my activity. Here are my calorie totals this week, but keep in mind even when they seem high, I am nursing a very healthy, chubby lil guy and I never sit like literally never. 
11/28-1640 calories
11/29- 2121 calories
11/30-1475 calories
12/1-2255 calories BUT walked all day at knotts
12/2-2395-calories Think I was very hungry from walking all day the day before and then walked all day this day too Christmas shopping(hey shopping can burn mega calories if you do it all day lol)
12/3-1620 calories

So averaged out, that came to 1917 calories a day......not too bad, but probably why I only lost .5 lbs this week.
Even days with many calories, I am eating pretty darn clean with the exception of an ocassional cookie or pasta meal. I typically have a slimfast for breakfast simply because I hate breakfast and its easy. Then 24 almonds or string cheese with an apple or something for a snack. Next is lunch, MOST days its a lean cuisine meal, a huge salad with a teeny bit of olive oil and lemon for dressing or tuna and whole wheat crackers with baby carrots. Afternoon snack might be an activia yogurt with 1/2 cup of cottage cheese. Dinners are usually a lean meat, veggie and small amount of noodles/rice/potato/yam/etc. I make the carb in dinner VERY small. Then I have 1 more snack right before bed. Sometimes its simply a glass of milk, other times a string cheese.....usually something lower in carbs right before bed as you will sleep better without carbs before bed.


FandCmom said...

Good job! I too am trying to lose 2 inches off my waist. Can I ask what ab stuff you do? I am running 4 days a week (4-10 miles each time) and starting to do lifting circuit 2 days a week. Also by waist you arent talking about the measurement at your navel right?


lilpeasinmypodfromgod said...

Hmm I do a HUGE variety of ab stuff just about anything and everything! As for measuring waist....nope, its done at the smallest indent in your tummy closer to your rib cage

FandCmom said...

Ok thats what I figured!! Do you do ab stuff each day and for how long? Sorry since youve had progress I am determined ha ha! Good on you :)

lilpeasinmypodfromgod said...

I am obsessive with abs...usually spending 7-10 complete minutes on them doing Pikes and really advanced moves until I feel like puking because I want an hourglass! ahaha