Friday, December 24, 2010

Health Update 7

6 weeks in and I am 127 lbs this week, still.....again. I am seriously sad to report no changes this week, but in spite of being very ill with a cold/bronchitis/larangitis, working out just hasnt been in the cards. I have not watched what I ate at all either with Christmas dinners and baking at hand. I am THRILLED that I didn't gain. I have watched portions big time though. I try to never eat more than the size of my closed fist total at any meal so thats been my only holiday strategy this week and I have coughed more than anyone could ever imagine so I am sure thats burning up a gazillion calories as well. After tomorrow I will be pulling out my food diary and hopefully working out again and trying to maybe drop a few more lbs. If I stayed at this weight, measurements, I am VERY happy with my body. If I drop a few more.....YAY me! :) 127 is usually where my body likes to hit a wall so I think its pretty close to my "ideal" weight.

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