Wednesday, November 2, 2011

School Update

I promised this post a while back, but life happened so here I am! So, the school the kids are attending is absolutely perfect, NO....I'm not being sarcastic! This school is seriously the best school ever. Its as adorable and picturesque outside as the inner workings are.

 Kayla has adjusted perfectly and quickly made rank to one of the most popular girls in 6th grade. My phone rings off the hook for her when she is not in school. She has a birthday party or outing of some sort she attends almost every weekend! She made lead part*(Belle) in the school play of Beauty and the Beast, a musical. She is really enjoying school and I couldn't be happier for her. Her teacher is amazing as well.

Wyatt, oh Wyatt......this was what my perfect little mind dreamt of for 5 years while I homeschooled him. He is in a special day class for mild kids. He has kids from regular classrooms who come in for just one subject through the day as well. He is mingling with peers who are similar to himself with mild aspergers or just learning issues. He has made quick friends with 2 kids in his class and stolen the hearts of Kayla's friends on the playground and during breakfast and lunch:) He has yet to be bullied or have any social problems. He is THRIVING! I am ecstatic. His teacher is truly a miracle, so is the aid in the class. They send new things home with all sorts of creative devices to keep pushing Wyatt along in math and reading and spelling. Its amazing to see the academic achievement he is capable of. He is scoring 80-100% each week on spelling tests with challenging words. His reading is improving and his math.....omg I cannot believe the way his teacher has creatively taught him to do very high level math. He is dividing difficult 2-3 digit numbers, multiplying the same and I just couldn't be happier. They move along at his personal pace. He is also getting speech, occupational therapy and physical therapy which are things I cannot provide for him at home. I could squeal with happiness for the burdens lifted off me and the pure joy I feel for Wyatt.

Everett, much like Kayla is a social butterfly. He has lots of friends, does extremely well academically and has a wonderful teacher. He does his homework quickly and easily without help and loves to read. He is enjoying school a great lot because of all the friends he has made.

Tanner had some severe adjustment issues. I won't lie. The beginning was tough and I almost brought him home by himself for the year. I pursued a new teacher that was a K/1 combo(hes 1st grade but VERY immature socially) and this was the absolute perfect fit for him. The crying stopped. He quickly became attached to his current teacher and she gives me regular progress reports of how well he is doing socially and academically. It makes me so happy. She has nicknamed him "boots," because he is my little cowboy who wears nothing but his cowboy boots to school each day. They have made him quite popular and other kids have now acquired their own pairs:) hehe.

Hands down, school has been the single best decision for my children ever.....but now was the right timing! I don't regret homeschooling, in fact, I loved it! I still do "schooly" stuff with my babies I have at home all day. Its nice to see my kids flourishing though and moving to a new stage of life. We are all happy and this school couldn't be better, I mean that and how many people can say that about a public school? We are lucky!

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Dea said...

I'm so happy the transition has gone so well! I'm glad to hear everyone is thriving and getting what they need. You are so lucky to have found such a great school!