Saturday, November 26, 2011


 The kids made this edible turkey arrangement:0) I LOVE it, it turned out so cute and everyone helped, down to the 2 yo. It was ta-ta-ta-tasty tasty too :0)
 Pretty eggs
 The tables with everyone eating
 Snow princess sandy!
Thanksgiving turned out so nice. It was wonderful to have Kayla as my kitchen helper this year. She was so eager to get in there and help and it lightened the load quite a bit:) The food turned out amazing and the company was wonderful too. Today is on to deckin the halls for Christmas! Yay, off to get busy working!


Elizabeth O. McBride said...

I love the edible turkey!! I'm going to copy it for next year.

Cindy said...

loved the did a great job on thanksgiving. Looks like all had a blast.