Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Yesterday's Prenatal Apt

I was expecting the most boring, routine visit yesterday along with an apt for my Nuchal Translucency scan within the next week or two. Instead, I got a mad Dr who couldn't understand why I didn't call him 2 weeks ago, the day I passed out home alone with my 3 smallest kiddos. I told him, I had no one to drive me down, no one to watch the babies and I figured I was just dehydrated severely from puking so much. I didn't want all the drama merely for an IV. He was not buying into it and was freaked out that it was possibly an arrthmia from my heart. So not 10 minutes after I arrive, I am being sent up to cardiology for another 24 hour holter monitor. Of course I have nearly 1000 PVC's everyday, but I have grown somewhat used to them and thus far I believe that is all this holter has captured.

 I also found out that the nurse dropped the ball and never submitted paperwork to insurance for my nuchal trans scan and they are now waiting for emergency approval because low and behold I WAS further along as I thought I was. I thought my due date was May 31st based on when I thought I ovulated and my Dr somehow confused someone else's due date last time and marked that I was due sometime in June, thus the mix up in the nuchal trans scan as well. So come to find out the u/s put my due date at May 30th so that is my actual due date that he is keeping(looks like I was dead right on when I ovulated!) That makes me 12 weeks tomorrow YAY! I go back Monday for a follow up with cardiology after they look at this holter. We also now wait for insurance to approve the nuchal trans scan, but thankfully by the time I get in there for it, I should be plenty far along to be able to leave there with confidence as to the sex of the baby. They usually tell me around 12 weeks and have never been wrong so 13-14 weeks I am pretty sure will be VERY accurate. Update: My insurance already approved it and my apt is Tuesday, November 22 at 9:15am so we shall know the sex of the baby in 1 week. I will be 12 w6d so being that close to 13 weeks, I feel I can be pretty confident in what they tell me.

The only good news I got from the apt was listening to baby's heartbeat, which is always precious.......and I passed my 3 hour glucose tolerance test with flying colors. My 3 hour glucose numbers were fasting 88, 1 hour 97, 2 hours 93, 3 hours 81. What gives? My 1 hour had 50 mg less of the sugar and I was 155 afterwards. In any case the numbers on my 3 hour were excellent and I couldn't be happier about that. Overall, I have to be thankful for a Dr. who truly cares about me. I really love him and that is why he will soon be delivering his 3rd baby from our family. I have stuck with him since I was lucky enough to find him and I just know I couldn't have another baby without him!


Tufford Family said...

Thats probably why you had m/s so early...Yeah for being 12 weeks...I will pray for you that the rest of the tests come back good...
Blessings, Heidi

The Busy Mama said...
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The Busy Mama said...

Heidi, exactly! I knew I was a tad further cuz a "6 week" baby does not have arms and legs lol. My u/s showed a 7+ week baby in my opinion and apparently I was correct. I have no clue how he got some random June due date. I think he mixed my chart up lol. He was super embarassed about it. No biggie though