Friday, April 25, 2008

Feel like a looser blogger lol

I have been incredibly busy so my blog has been a tad neglected. I promise to get back to writing next week so watch for updates. As for today, my 17yo sis is in a 10 hour surgery to correct her 69degree scoliosis. They are breaking and removing ribs, bone graphing and placing a rod so my mind is elsewhere and I am a nervous wreck, but staying strong for my mom who isnt coping as well. I am sitting here like a ticking timebomb waiting for Nate to get off work and take over the kids so I can go down there. I am just so nervous. Anyhow, 8dpo today, a lil early for testing, though I have gotton a+ this early before.....but with the circumstance, I figure its tasteless to worry about that today. I will test sometime this weekend or Monday if I dont have time over the weekend. I am just worried sick, I( I think thats where the exhaustion and nausea is coming from in all honesty!)

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