Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Guess Who? Post Partum Aunt Flo

I took my temp this am and it was only 97.4 and then as I rolled over, I felt wettish(tmi) and sure enough, I started af sometime during the night, ugh but YAY! my LP(lutuel phase) was beautiful for a first lp, lasting 12 days. So PPAF is here full force, very red and heavy, bleh......cant wait to O(ovulate) again and I am calling the dr today to get P supps to start at 3dpo(days past ovulation) maybe this cycle. I am so shocked because I kept thinking maybe i didnt really o since my LP was lasting so long and I seriously nurse round the clock 15+ times every 24 hours. some nights she sttn(sleeps throught the night), but lately she hasnt been so who knows! I guess I am lucky enough to have a high threshold for nursing and still getting AF(aunt flo). One thing is certain, this AF is killing my nips....youch~ As for ttc, I dont want to be back in that trap so I am chillin out again. In fact I dont really wanna deal with it right now so no more obsessing from me! Kenna is still small and I know my first cycles will be wacky and lengthy and I dont have the time or energy to put into it right now. Time to screw my head back on straight lol! My first post partum cycle after Tanner, i oed on cd36 so it will be a long while before I have to worry about testing and whatnot anyhow. I am sooo over it!!!!


Veronica said...

Sorry AF showed her ugly face. I got AF two weeks ago and was blown away. Never before have I gotten it back while nursing, and it usually takes a good month to return after my milk is completely gone. Lauren is only 7 months and is still nursing 100% so I'm blown away. I've had a feeling that another baby would join our family soon, and maybe this is HF's way of making it happen!

maryellenlewis said...

We've never caught the first egg, but we've always caught the second one. GL