Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Seasoned Peaceful Parents, I need some help

How do I handle buckling kids who dont/will not buckle. Its seriously a major issue in my home. I have to have 5 kids bucked each time we leave and all 5 are in booster/car seats. The baby is easy so far, Kayla buckles without me asking, Wyatt will if I really get on it and stand there staring at him. This leaves me with Everett and Tanner. Everett is in a booster and the child will unbuckle 500 times in a row while I am driving. It makes me a nervous wreck and I pull over each time and sit sometimes 5 minutes straight waiting for him to buckle. I tell the kids that the car can't drive until we are buckled and safe. Tanner is fine once I get him buckled, but he dislikes his carseat so much(yeah we have asked if it hurts and readjusted it and tried other things), how do I peacefully get him to stop running from me and hiding in the very back of the car and to get into his carseat. I mean, I am pretty against external reward systems. I try to just get my kids candy for suffering through a shopping trip no matter how they behave. I am so drained after shopping, I know that "I" need a candybar recharge and they probably do to. I really try not to condemn any behaviors I dont appreciate, but to find positive things and redirect. I have tried to be creative and carry on conversations while casually buckling them and that works 25% of the time, but the rest of the time, OY VEY! I can imagine a carseat you couldnt unbuckle yourself would feel confined and freaky to anyone really so I understand his frustration. I just need help dissolving this situation peacefully for anyone with a suggestion. Oh and for those following along, Wyatt remains sleeping peacefully each night. I am so glad and so is he!


Cyndi said...

I am having a hard time with my kids too. I wish they always behaved so I could always do fun things with them and be happy with them and never have hard times and interuptions, but I guess that's how they learn. On the carseat thing, maybe check out a car safety video from the library. I know if my kids saw a dummy in a car crash go through a windsheid, that would seal the deal for them. Unless it's too scary. It would work for mine. Good Luck. I wish I could give you my email without having it be public. The best I can think is if you visit my livejournal page and comment, it will get into my email and I can reply from there. Hmm? I don't know, anyway it's (no www.) It's like a blog I guess. Nighty night!

Kat said...

Something you COULD try is making the ones you are having trouble with responsible for buckling the ones you aren't. Show them how it's done right and what it looks like when it's wrong and have them buckle and double check to be sure it's right.

I dunno, mine always love to be "in charge" of something so when I get into a situation like this I use that. If they feel like they are the responsible people helping the little ones and then setting an example for them much like you and dad, they may get into that.