Wednesday, April 23, 2008


She went for her NON vax 6 month check up at 7 months and shes.....drumroll please....... 15.5 pounds! Shes a petite lil peanut to be weighing that at 7 months. She seems to be following Everett's birdman pattern:) We love her to peices, all 15 pounds of her! hehe. She is sitting well and going on all 4s as if she will crawl soon. Oh and 6 days post ovulation today and my body seems rather quiet, I really hope PPAF doesnt show. Time will tell, I just glad my LP has held out this long thus far. Some women start AF 5 days after PPO because of an LP defect so I will be thrilled to make 8-10 days or ummmm 9 months!