Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Late Summer Fort

All the spare building materials
The stage at the entrance of their fort

They even hammered a bracket into the door frame, all this with no parental help beyond teaching them how to use a hammer(which is what they asked us for).
Isnt that an awesome fort?

I love sharing my kids' enthusiasm to build and create whatever they so desire. This new property has afforded them many more opportunities for creativity with lots of extra metal, wood and other interesting building materials. We leave a hammer and nails out there in this area for them and no one has ever been hurt. We trust them and we have shown them how hammers are to be used and they know. They have been afforded all the freedom they need to be creative. I am so amazed by this fort they made. They play in it and have plans to paint it so I plan to get some paint for them in order for them to follow through with what they desire.

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