Saturday, September 12, 2009

Storing the Garden for Winter

We baked 4 loaves of zucchini bread(we froze 2)
5 batches of fresh spaghetti sauce (ate one and froze 4)

We have been so blessed by the gardens of grandparents this summer. Our food bill has literally been cut by about 1/3 because we have been resourceful and used almost everything given to us fresh from the gardens. We have made everything from salsa to zucchini quiche, and fresh salads to grilled peppers with bbq sauce on them(mmmm). Its been an opportunity to stretch our imaginations and make new dishes and get even more veggies into our diets. I so enjoyed spending the entire afternoon yesterday with the kids, sorting all the veggies and creating with them in ways they could be saved. Its been such a blessed summer. I am looking forward to leaves changing and holidays, but I will look forward to summer next year when we harvest our own fruits and vegetables.

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