Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Day in Our Lives

This was from Friday last week. I just enjoy posting a day in our lives on ocassion for others intersting in unschooling to see what an unschooling day might look like. Each day is completely different, though the rise and falls or routines are generally similiar, activities change daily. Please trust me when I say this, NOT all days(probably most) will not have this much schooly stuff in them.
  • Woke up
  • fed horses and chickens
  • Wyatt(all on his own free will) decided to scroll through his math book and find multiplication(he is "2nd grade") and he did 2 pages unassisted and has never been formally introduced to it ever.
  • Wyatt, Everett and Tanner played with our +/- flash cards, quizzing each other for 30 minutes +(I actually stopped them because we had things to do)
  • Kayla sat down and wrote a story about a beautiful picture and what she thought was going on in it(she is "4th grade) she loves reading and writing
  • We then went out and washed the horses
  • Tanner and Wyatt then made me quiz them on those same+/- flash cards(these are new from the $store so thats why all the begging for them this particular day lol....they arent nOrmally this schoolish)
  • Kayla read her story to everyone that she wrote earlier that day
  • I read Mirette on a High Wire and lightly touched on boasting, France and Hollywood(just normal book discussion)
  • Kayla made Kenna a card for her bday
  • Wyatt and Everett read a few words here and there from this book they enjoy together
  • Tanner and I made lemon brownies
  • Tanner helped me make Mac and Cheese(this 4 yr can cook haha)
  • Kayla sewed Kenna a beautiful baby doll(filled it with stuffing and everything all on her own) for Kenna's bday present
  • Kayla helped Tanner sew a pillow
  • The other boys hung out outside and played basketball during the afternoon and they periodically watched TV(we have no limits on TV or bed)
  • Everyone had dinner, prayers, showers and some tv until they passed out on the couch and the others slowly straggled off to bed.

Thats an averege day here I suppose, though no day is really average haha.Somedays, anything "schoolish" is so transparent that I have found peace of mind by keeping a daily notebook of what happens all day and I love being a good observer because I have learned so much about my kids and taking notes has helped me to help introduce them to ever more new things that might interest them because I know their individual interests better. When we did that Abeka curriculum(bought at the kids request, but pushed a few extra weeks on them because of the $ I spent), I really thought I was doing the "right" thing because they wanted it and it costed a lot and I felt I should push them to follow through, but I now know this is truly the most peaceful and wonderful way for our family to homeschool. Learning is living and living is learning. Have you read any unschooling books? I think I have close to all them ever written hehe! I am addicted to buying unschooling books because I have learned that they really inspire me everytime I get into a rut or start feeling down or worried that my kids arent doing what so and so's kids are doing. Those worries die out most of the time, but ocassionally they do come back.

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