Sunday, September 13, 2009


All of us playing Scrabble
We had a blast, Kayla counted up the scores and she won!

The kids playing a game they invented on their Abacus

I gotta get in on this game because they have played it 4X in 2 days, it must be a blast

We have been on a complete game kick in our house lately. While the "schooled" part of me wants to sit and count this as reading, spelling, math, writing, geometry and problem solving, I will just say, we truly enjoy playing games and having fun and learning those things come as a side effect. I love nothing more in this world than spending my days playing with my babies. Who knew there could be a job that was so important, but so much fun. I try to find happiness in every task I do. I have been working hard each day to count my blessings and not my misfortunes and that attitude has spilled into every area of my life and its contageous to the kids and Nate, its become such a better way of being and living.

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The Mom said...

Do you guys have Blokus? We got it for Christmas last year and LOVE IT. Everyone is on the same level because it is a logic game instead of skill.