Wednesday, September 30, 2009

AWESOME website for Christian mamas Looking for Peaceful Parenting Options There are a few things on the site that I dont fully agree with, but in general, this is an amazing intro to peaceful parenting with step by step how to instructions. I really love this site. Radical Unschooling is truly a peaceful way to live. I love peaceful parenting and yes, I am human, I DO resort to punitive parenting on occassion when I am exhausted, hungry, sick, etc. Usually it is at my weakest moments, but a wise woman(Dayna Martin) once told me, "If you are the parent you want to be 51% of the time, you are winning!" I love that and its so true and helps me to be gently on myself when I do make mistakes. I always apologize and I find these mistakes get less and less, the longer you peaceful parent. I have never been a spanker, but I did use punitive parenting the first 5 years of being a mother as I knew no other way. I am so grateful to have found a better way.

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