Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Flylady Day 1

Day 1: Shine/dry your sink before bed
I know it sounds small, but I feel like I am on the path to getting back control over the cleanliness of my home. I pulled out the comet and scrubbed my beatiful new sink to its brilliant whiteness and I felt proud when I finished drying it and I am excited to wake up to it in the morning! Its a great way to start tomorrow morning.
I cannot get into my groove since the move. My old cleaning routine doesn't work in the new house so since I am too lazy to reinvent myself here, I found flylady and I am trying her out! Follow me on my journey(or don't) to a cleaner and more organized home!


Cat said...

lol FLyLady dropout here! Maybe I should give it another shot though, now that my girls are a little older and a couple of them are capable of helping out (although not always willing LOL) I'll be keeping an eye on how you do with this, as my own motivation to stick with it.

Maureen Wilson said...

Great idea. I looked at the FlyLady site and I'm going to try it too. I like the fact that it provides the motivation to get things done, but in small amounts.

Raisingarrows said...

Hi! I did FLYlady years ago and did quite well with it (and still use many of her principles today); however, once I had more than 3 children, I just couldn't get it to work and had to go to Large Family Logistics cleaning schedule.

I'm reading through your posts eagerly seeing how you are doing w/ this and the larger-than-average family!
Amy @ Raising Arrows