Monday, October 19, 2009

God Wants us to Fellowship

Well, I guess my family was not about to give up on going to church just when I was. Nate has been wanting to go to a calvary chapel in another town because there were too many issues in the one is our town. I really threw my hands up in the air. The guy who sleeps at church actually wants to go? WHAT? The kids love going to church(as long as they get to go be with kids and not have to sit quiet in a sanctuary) so we went to that calvary chapel. This place has 3 services and each one I hear is completely packed out and this building is one of the largest church's I have ever been in. I can testify that I know why this church is so large and well liked, its because its amazing! The message was wonderful and Biblical. He goes straight through the Bible week by week, chapter by chapter, adding in his own jokes and stories where they were appropriate. It was great. The atmosphere was one of reverence, but casual. We all really enjoyed ourselves. Hopefully this will become our new church home. It was nice that it was so large also because no one noticed little noises in the back from babies and things so I felt comfortable having my 2 youngest with me in there and that is huge to feel comfortable with babies in most churchs that arent LDS.

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