Saturday, October 24, 2009

Flylady Day 4

Random lol, but I couldn't resist post this pic of my MaddyMayMay with her bestest stinker face on for me! Oh and she was uber clean does that count lol!
So thankfully its Sat and flylady gave me a break other than the babysteps; get dressed, make sure sink is shining, and then she asked me to post post it notes in areas to remind me of the babysteps. I have a memory like an elephant and I read her emails everyday. I refuse to be one of those people with dorky post it notes all over reminding me to clean. The dirt in the sink is a perfect reminder! No need for post its or control journals here.

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Cat said...

Actually, the FlyLady control journal is one of the only things I managed to keep up with here. I need it myself with my health so that anyone can come in and just jump in where I need it. I keep all my routines typed up in it, and a rough outline of what my day looks like with times for the things that I have times set for. It has saved my father a few times, expecially when I had my stroke this year and he was over here pretty much nonstop for 3 weeks while I was trying to just be able to walk and function again. You never know when that control journal will come in handy Janis hon! Even if you never use it, try to make up one with basic menu plan examples, a rough routine outline, and you chore routines. That way, if someone steps up to help, they can grab the binder off your shelf and have some idea how you run things.