Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolution Time!

First off, HAPPY NEW YEARS 2011! Lets pray for a great year. My resolutions this year include:
  • Being more kind and gentle as a mother and wife. I have been a bit short tempered lately and I want to stop that and get control of my attitude.
  • Paying off and chopping up our credit card(only have 1 and now owe 2100 on it) shouldnt be too hard.
  • Getting a good savings built up(by good I mean, I would be happy with anything over the 38 bucks ours currently has in it and NO credit card debt by years end.) REALLY!
  • Moving back off the mountain. While we like it, its not much for us I don't think. We miss riding our horses(WAY too cold here) and having our family close by to babysit so we can actually get out and nurture our marriage regularly.
  • Having a better attitude with homeschooling. I admit it, I have been burned out with it once December hit and we have now had a 2 week break so we need to dig in and get going!!
  • Get Tanner reading this year. He turns 6 on the 7th of January so its time to really hunker the lil guy down and start him on homeschooling. He just wasnt developmentally ready until now.
That should do it!!

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