Sunday, January 9, 2011

Enjoying Winters Simple Pleasures-Umm Trying

Nate's car burried andthe front steps leaving our house

Anyone wanna BBQ? ehehe

Dog food and water bowl and bucket, ummmm I am thinking they will have to eat indoors all winter

View from lower side porch of our yard

The trees are breath takingly beautiful, like postcards

Jaxxon 13.6 lbs at 2.5 months!! yes he's a BRUISER:) I love it

lil man watching TV( I really only sat him in here for a pic I promise, I know he is too young) I just thought he looked so cute in it!

We are truly trying to enjoy all winter has to offer in the mountains because our lease is over halfways over and we definately want to get moving off the mountain when it ends. Don't get me wrong, we have met some amazing people up here along with some not so amazing people. We LOVE the snow, but hate it when its weeks before it melts off our road which is REALLY steep and the trash truck with chains can't even get up here to collect our trash. We are trying to have fun making snowmen, throwing snowballs and sledding as well as sliding out and hitting snowburms while driving: NOT. We are getting our fill of one of Southern California's coldest places topping out many days at 20 with a crazy wind chill, only to remember that next year we will only VISIT the mountains and when that wind chill picks up, we will go home where its 95% of the time all year round, nice and sunny 50+ degrees. Who knew 45 could feel like t-shirt weather! I will say though what really has killed us most about our winter wonderland.....our horses! I am finally able to ride(not preggo anymore) and can't because there is simply no way to even get them out of their corrals with the steep snowy terrain. They are depressed, mine in particular is losing weight from depression and cold. We blanket them, they have beautiful shelters and feed very heavy, but my Jersey is just so depressed she is barely eating. We are waiting/praying for a break in the weather to try and get a trailer up here and get her off the mountain and board her where its warmer. I am praying God will open a door somewhere some way so we can get our family back to our small town at the mountain's foothills. So please if you have a second to add our family to your prayers we would appreciate it. We are praying a housing situation with room for horses will open up at an affordable price, praying his job will eventually take him back off the mountain and praying for our horse who is severely depressed. Nate and I miss our weekly horseback rides(so good for our marriage) and without family nearby and good weather, that just doesn't happen for us. Praying to go home to the same lil small town we grew up in near all our family. I know some opportunity will open up soon, I have faith that it is not the will of our Father for our animals to live this way through another winter. I know deep down something amazing will come up and we will be able to reunite with our small town. 

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