Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Some delish vegeterian and vegan meals

Dinner 2 nights ago was a spinach saute' with garlic and onions along with spaghetti that had crumbled(cooked) tofu, sun-dried tomatoes and mushrooms over Quinoa! It was delish. All the kids ate it and loved it.

Todays lunch was cauliflower casserole(THE BEST we have all ever eaten that contained cauliflower mmmm) Along with baked asparagas that had olive oil and sea salt on it and Herbed white beans

Dinner will be a Veggie Quinoa soup similar to this

Lastly, our fav new breakfast is Quinoa with apples sauteed in cinnamon and a smidge of butter and for the kids maybe a lil maple syrup too. Its soo delish and nutrish.

I have taken measures to eat really clean lately in order to help out our sickly immune systems and its WORKING! yay, knock on wood, no new viruses for about 9 days after being sick for 6 weeks straight!


witty said...

Be very careful with all that quinoa at once, several meals a day/per week with it, especially if it's not introduced into the diet slowly AND introduced with beans... you all might experience some painful bloating and unpleasant gastro-issues for the short-term

lilpeasinmypodfromgod said...

Witty TY we have been eating Quinoa though for a while and never had any issues :0) thankfully

Cyndi said...

Ha Janis, you totally threw me off posting about food! I follow a food blog (jamiecooksitup) and I saw your title in my dashboard and thought it was her blog, and I saw your comment on the bottom and thought you were a subscriber to her blog for a sec. The really funny thing is that she mostly posts recipes, but today, she posted only about her kids!!

lilpeasinmypodfromgod said...

Cyndi thats funny! The irony

Leah said...

Our fam just discovered quinoa recently and are loving It! Thanks for posting the breakfast recipe :)