Monday, January 3, 2011

Health Update 8

A little over 7 weeks into it now.
Height: 5' 5.5"
Weight: 124 lbs (-9lbs) If you count from 9 weeks ago, I have lost 14lbs

Waist: 27.75" (-2.75 inches )
Hips: 37.5" (-1.25 ")
Bust: 35.5""(-1.5")
Arm: 10.25"(-.25 woot woot)
Thigh: 21" (-1")

BMI: starting was 22.1, it is now 20.3 (I don't put much stock in BMI by the way, its too general.

9lbs and 6.75 inches total lost in 5 weeks!!! I am really happy with this

I gave up on calorie counting when I hit 125 lbs I dont feel it necessary any longer as anything more lost is just icing on the cake. I am very comfortable here and I am at a point where when I gain a few lbs on and off from an unhealthy day it doesnt look too bad so there's the update for the week. I am unfortunately sick again so working out is once again off the menu. Are you all seeing the pattern I am seeing??? Working out for me ='s SICK SICK SICK. In 4 weeks time I have had a 2 week cold that felt like I would die (mucous drowning me in the middle of the night, terrible fevers...ugh), next I got the stomache virus a few days ago, now I am battling a sore throat and body aches:( I am once again toying with quitting working out. My workouts this time have been 20-25 minutes and usually its some type of interval with weights or just plain weights or 20 minutes of moderately peddling on the elliptical 4 days a week along with abs and streching and still I am sick, sick, sick. I take a daily multivitamin and mineral supp along with fish oil. My daily life is active but I havent been able to get out and walk with all the snow so I felt I should pick up moderate work outs again, you think its actually the work outs or just the time of year?


- said...

Regarding illness..

Have you changed your air filter/furnace filter in the house? I know it sounds weird, but sometimes it helps...

Also, I don't know if you do or not, but opening the windows in the house (even just one in each room) for half hour each day seems to keep the yuckiness at bay in my house. We are in Nebraska, so believe me I know it's COLD when you do this, but again it seems to help--especially when you aren't able to be out in the fresh air each day.

Just a couple thoughts for you :-)

~Amber's Corner~ said...

Hi. I have been following your blog on and off for a few years and I just wanted to say you look awesome! I also diet and exercise and I am wondering how you tone your tooshie?? It is such an area of dilemma for me and thought maybe you could offer some advise. Thank u and again you are an inspiration!!! Amber

lilpeasinmypodfromgod said...

Thank I will try that with the windows.

Amber, dead lifts with heavy weight and doing a chair squat against the wall for 2-2.5 minutes almost everyday. It burns the buns like badddd

Jen Nelson said...

Congrat's on your weight loss! You look amazing!

regarding illness after working out, how much water are you drinking? After a workout all the toxins that were released need to be flushed out.

Good luck. I hope you start feeling better

p.s. how in the world do you have time to work out/eat right? I only have one kid and work from home and struggle!

hollyce said...

Have you tried taking probiotics with a count in the billions and 1000-5000IU of Vit D per day? The Vit D is something you should have tested and then supp as needed, but a lot of articles I've read have said it's not cold and flu season because there are more "germs" at this time of year, but because most people are deficient of Vit D at this time of year more than in Spring/Summer (when people are still deficient, but not as badly).

lilpeasinmypodfromgod said...

Holly we are 34 lattitude and 5600 altitude so according to websites I check, 20 minutes at midday even in winter should ideally keep vit D levels high enough, but you may be right. I will ask for a vit D test. We do make a point to go out midday everyday for 20-60 minutes in direct sunlight though down at the park or somewhere. I never use sunscreen in summer or anything because I am allergic and I spend a good deal of summer outdoors along with a cup a day of soymilk and fish at least once a week so I would think my levels are ok, but better safe than sorry. BTW how are you girl? We are slowly trying to switch to a more lacto-ovo diet so I been thinking about you. If you have some recipes already in word or somewhere easy to just copy and paste, will you email them to me at ? Thanks girlie! We have weaned to meat about 2x a week right now and in small portions.