Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dave Ramsey Update

We are down to $3900 AND we have the $ saved for a travel trailer. We are looking to get one right now. So far we havent looked at one that we absolultely were in love with so we are waiting for the right deal, but we search craiglist everyday. We are picky and want one that sleeps at least 8 and is in good condition. We have seen several nice ones, but the outsides were tore up or the price was too high. The right one will come along though. We wont compromise as this will be a large cash purchase(yes we could be debt free, but we would rather get a trailer now and be debt free next month;) ) We are two paychecks away from debt free so that is exciting. We will then start working on the remodels we have planned, and start a good emergency fund in case the economy decides to dump. Thankfully, Nate's job *should* not be affected even by a disasterous economy and the way gas prices are right now, I think the economy may be headed for a disaster. Its economic warfare with the middle East in my very humble opinion. They know just how to try to destroy America, destroy our great economy....*sigh* I feel for those whose jobs arent as secure and I also remain humble knowing that there may even come a time where they may even layoff deputies, that really scares me. Well if that happens, I want to have our debt payed off, a travel trailer so that if times were really tough and we had to, we could actually live in it for a short while during a hard time like an earthquake or something. If for no other reason though, camping is something that is cheap for us to do as a family with gas prices skyrocketing the price of everything else, so I feel its really a good investment. We have so many great camping places within 2-20 minutes of our house. I will keep you updated when we do finally find the trailer we want. It definately wont cost the 500 bucks it would take to do a 1 day very MODEST trip to disneyland. It will only be the cost of food(which we have to eat anyhow) and at some places, a minimal fee for parking each night (usually 12-25 dollars). If we dont tow far, gas will remain very cheap too. That is very inexpensive for several days of fun.


Welcome! said...

Hey girl! Let me start off by saying... WOW! You are amazing, period. You have a BEAUTIFUL, well taken care of family and you're almost done paying off your debt in such a short amount of time. Like I said before, you're simply amazing and I hope that I can someday be like you =]

I'm sure you're sitting there wondering, "Who the hell is this psycho girl?!" Hehe. I was surfing the net earlier [crazy weather outside and had nothing better to do] and accidentally bumped into your page and when I started reading your posts I just couldn't stop.

So to make a long story short, thanks for opening up my eyes to a totally new lifestyle, which I now totally adore!

Jessica said...

How did you do the dave ramsey stuff? I am really interested. Did you read his books or take a class? How did you find the extra money?
could you email me
jessicafinnigan AT gmail dot com

Veronica said...

Janis, I hope you find the trailer you want! I am jealous of how much debt y'all have paid down. Good for you! Hope you're feeling better these days :)

David & Sammy said...

Wow I'm your 2nd new fan of the day. I saw one of your posts on babycenter today and was awed by your big family so I came lurking!
I admire your lifestyle and am even more impressed that you stuck your ground in the midst of a bunch of anti people trying to break you down.
I think you're great!
I'm the baby of 8 kids and wouldn't have it any other way!
Can't wait to keep reading your blog!

lilpeasinmypodfrom~God said...

All we did was read, Total Money Makeover!