Thursday, June 19, 2008

Well We Found One!

Our queen bed
The stereo and some cabinet space
Forced a/c and Heating in each area of the trailer
The flooring
Couch folded into a bed
Dinette folds to a bed
Big fridge
The kitchen
Bunk beds

The outside 29 foot
Fleetwood Prowler
The inside
Other view facing our master bedroom
The couch as a couch!

Well we have been terribly busy. We just bought this trailer Monday morning*(at 7:30am we picked it up) and we are complete animals. We came home, drained the water system, bought a battery, cleaned it up some, packed it full and took off and went camping! We had a blast. We got home yesterday afternoon. We couldnt be happier with our purchase. Our debt could have been paid off yes, but we would have missed a lot of camping season by the time we saved up to get this next month. Besides, what is 3900 bucks, its nothin really so we will be debt free next month instead. Not to confuse, the trailer was 4,400, but the 3900 is what we are still in debt. I am so excited about our trailer though. We went exploring Tuesday and found a bunch of great, secluded yellowpost sites(free places) to take our trailer next time. This time we just stayed in a campground. We were nervous as we are novice trailer owners so we decided to stick nearby people in case we needed anything or had questions, but everything went VERY smoothly. We did perfect on water, our battery, the propane, it all worked and the kids even got a warm bath each night we were there! Very fun, this is the begining of many great memories.
I forgot to mention that my new camera arrived while we were camping. Its okay quality. It will do but I wont be buying another of this brand. I think I will stick with my samsung digimax's lol, yes that is plural, I just cant tell you how many cameras we go through.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you found one! IT looks great! I want one too but it will have to wait....

Rachel said...

That looks like a great trailer. Dh wants one really bad. Is that really what you paid for it? I won't tell dh, he'll decide he needs one. :)

lilpeasinmypodfrom~God said...

the camper was 4400