Saturday, June 14, 2008

A New Camera YAY

I ordered a new camera on eBay 2 days ago so it should be here sometime this week. It is a Xthinn with a 2.5 lcd screen and will hold 2 hours video recording also. Its red and ultra thin and sleek.......I am so excited to get it. So sad my other one broke, but around here, they just don't last long. I take a LOTA pictures and too many wee little hands get a hold of the cameras too. The average camera last about 6 months here. I just get them super cheap on eBay, learned that a few years ago. I will definitely be posting away tons of pics again as soon as my new camera gets here. On a totally side note, the miscarriage is complete, my HCG is back at 0 and my bleeding has stopped. I just pray that we will be blessed again and soon, but we are leaving this one to Him upstairs. We have left my fertility friend account in tact to chart my period, but nothing more. I have no sticks in my house to pee on either. Its just time to relax, have fun, enjoy my hubby and hope for a miracle. IF and WHEN my period is LATE, I will test, otherwise, we have decided early testing is useless:)

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