Monday, June 9, 2008

Pregnancy Updates

I will use this post to keep family and friends updated on the pregnancy for now.

June 9th--Got bloodwork back from thursday, June 5th and HCG was 9 and Progesterone was 12.5. Dr said at this point Progesterone is just fine and she is not worried at all yet. She said to quit testing and go on as a happily pregnant person so I am trying to do just that!

June 10th, todays test was barely visable. My temp had plumetted 1.4 degrees. The bleeding hit hard out of nowhere this morning. I am cramping terribly and bleeding heavy. I am so sad, but I knew in my heart and I am glad I stayed realistic. DH has been a total sweetheart. Unfortunately he has become a professional on how to help a woman through a miscarriage. He was pretty excited yesterday after the dr called and said all was well and I could see the disapointment on his face this morning. He just hugged me after I told him that I had started to bleed and told me how sorry he was and told me that I am a great woman. How lucky am I? I am so thankful to be married to him. He is really the best man I know. He just said, "Babe let's stay away from all the voodoo and quit temping and peeing on sticks, lets just have fun and make a baby." He is right so I am not ordering anymore opks or anything from anywhere. I am just gonna hang in there and wait it out to 14dpo from now on and *if* af doesnt show, I will test, otherwise, it just creates too much drama for me. Its too much heartache. It would have been easier to just not know I think. We now have a 3rd angel.


Sankat said...

Janis, that is great news!! I hope everything keeps going well!!

luv_of_saints said...

That's great Janis!

Told ya so:)

I will keep you in my prayers that this will be as uneventful of a pregnancy as possible!

I hope to be joining you soon!

Alicia said...

Oh Janis, ((HUGS)), I'm so sorry. I pray that God carries you through this very sad time.

Veronica said...

Janis, I am sooooo sorry. That breaks my heart. Your DH sounds like such an awesome guy and you are lucky to have him. I hope you won't lose faith because of this. I think you have been warned that between baptism and the time you go to the temple you will be tested a lot. Thaat is just part of the refining process, I think. HF loves you and feels your pain, just like you feel pain when one of YOUR children hurts. He will carry you through this and you will be blessed so much for your faithfulness. Hang in there. You are in my prayers!!!

luv_of_saints said...


Oh sweetheart, NO.

I was so hoping for you. I will say a special prayer for you tonight that He will carry you through this hard time.

It's nice to have a dh that cares so much. Mine is just like that. It is unfortunate the things we have to have happen to us to show these things.

Hey maybe next month will be it, sticky sticky, for both of us, though it is hard to think of now!

Hugs from Indiana.

Wendy T.

Sankat said...

How are you holding up?

Ann said...

this is ann from BBC. i noticed you hadn't posted anything over there for a while, so i thought i'd check on you. nosy huh? i'm so heart broken for you. you are so lucky to have so many children, and you get to raise 3 more in heaven! i'm sorry for this sad news!

Jenni said...

Oh Janis, I'm so sorry! I can't imagine what you are going through. Much love & prayers sent your way.